Follow up reminders

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks with our one-click email reminders.

And just in case, we take care of sending automated reminders to your recipient before it's too late.

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Integrated messaging

Get away from distractions, spams issues and flooded email inboxes.

Clust fluidifies your messaging workflows and helps you easily reach out or respond to your clients right from the tool, keeping things tidy.

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Online form builder

Collect client's details, payment information and more with Clust forms.

Add text fields, dropdowns and make sure you get everything you need, everytime you send a Document Request.

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Branded client experience

Your clients are also Clust customers.

Add your logo and company name to all document requests. Change the Request background image and impress clients.

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Partners Collaboration

With Clust, stakeholders know exactly what's happening throughout the whole process.

Assign permissions and invite colleagues or business partners to add internal notes on the Request or ask for more documents.

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Cloud storage synchronization

Stop looking around, your Document Requests follow you wherever you need to go.

Clust integrates seamlessly with DropBox and Google Drive so you can access client files from anywhere.

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Website extension

Automate the grunt work like a pro with our website extension.

Simply install one of our web extensions and collect documents from your website, your social medias or from your Chrome browser.

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Introducing Clust Connect® NEW

Clust is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing company workflows.

Through our API access, Clust connects to other tools you love whether it's Zapier, Slack or your favorite CRM.

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Best document collection solution

Clust automates your document collection process and helps you stay productive no matter how complex your current process is.

Request Templates

Needed documents are saved as templates shared across all team members.

Secondary users

Add team members to your account and scale your business.


From their responsive portal, clients can send you files from any device.

Secure client access

All requests are password protected and we never store your client password.


Manage english or french speaking customers without even switching accounts.

PDF conversion

Once received, clients files are convertible into PDFs for easier management.

Unlimited file storage

Keep your day moving forward with unlimited storage and file upload.

Easy file sharing

Add attachments to share with recipients, commercial brochures or contracts.

Effortless. Fast. Scalable.

Onboard clients more easily and close deals faster

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